Tanah Lot Bali Location

Tanah Lot Bali Location

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Location of Tanah Lot is in Beraban Village, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency, Bali. It’s precisely at top of rock formation on coastal.

The following is a list of times that you probably need in reaching the temple from some popular areas in the island.

  • About 30 minutes (13.0 km) from Tabanan City
  • About 52 minutes (19.6 km) from Denpasar City
  • About 1 hour 4 minutes (31.8 km) from Ubud
  • About 1 hour 9 minutes (26.7 km) from International Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport
  • About 1 hour 12 minutes (27.0 km) from Sanur
  • About 1 hour 18 minutes (31.6 km) from Jimbaran

For getting there, that’s easy by using car or motorcycle which you can also hire them with driver near tourist area namely: Ubud, Seminyak, Kuta, and so on.

Map of Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple History

Tanah Lot Temple History

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Tanah Lot Temple History is supposedly related to the journey of Dang Hyang Nirartha.

He was also known as Pedanda Shakti Wawu Rauh or Dang Hyang Dwijendra, a holy priest from Java Island who wandered to spread the teachings of Hinduism around Bali in 15th Century.

Base on Dwijendra Tatwa, an ancient Balinese book which contained the journey of Dang Hyang Niratha from Java to Bali.

That was narrated when the priest made a long journey in Bali and he stopped at big coral rock on coast of Beraban Village.

The rock was called as “Gili Beo” that means a small island resembled “Beo Bird”.

He did meditating on the rock. However, Bendesa Beraban Sakti, a village leader came and wanted to evict him.

That was because the leader strongly opposed the teaching by Dang Hyang Nirartha.

Then told that the priest moved the coral rock (where he meditated) from land to sea.

Saw that, the leader and the villagers were amazed by priest’s supernatural power. Then, they acknowledged and also decided to become a follower of the priest.

On the rock, he was built a temple which as a place to worship Ida Sang Hyang Widhi (the god). Until, it is well-known “Tanah Lot” that means the rock in the middle of sea.

3 Interesting Things in Bali Tanah Lot Sea Temple

3 Interesting Things in Bali Tanah Lot Sea Temple

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For you plan to visit Bali Tanah Lot Sea Temple, probably wonder about what can expect at the temple. There are actually some interesting things that you can see, among others:

  1. Unique Temple Building
Unique Temple Building in Tanah Lot
Unique Temple Building in Tanah Lot

First, that’s of course a temple building of Hindus. The temple building looks so unique and different from the others because it stands on a big coral rock at coast.

The temple is dedicated to Dewa Baruna, a manifestation of God as a guard of ocean according to belief of Balinese People.

When sea water recedes, access to temple building is opened and easy to pass. Hence, the visitors may have opportunity to explore around temple area during the time.

Otherwise, the temple building will be difficult to reach in high tide because it’s surrounded by sea water and looks like a small island in the middle of sea.

Moreover, there is also another temple building in Tanah Lot Area. That’s Batu Bolong Temple, stands on rock cliff that jutting into sea in the west of the temple above.

  1. Holy Cave with Sacred Snake
Holy Cave with Sacred Snake
Holy Cave with Sacred Snake

In east of temple building (on the coral rocks), there is a holy cave that inhabited by some snakes.

The snakes have black-white stripes all over their bodies and categorized into venomous species “Bungarus Candidus" in Latin Language.

Local peoples believed that the snakes are incarnations of shawls of Dang Hyang Nirartha (the founder of temple).

The visitors are allowed to see them in the cave but must be accompanied by a snake charmer there.

Moreover, there is also natural spring water near cave, that’s called as Tirta Pabersihan by local people.

The spring is usually used as for means of worshiping and also believed that can cure a disease.

  1. Beautiful Sunset with Temple’s Silhouette
Beautiful Sunset with Temple’s Silhouette
Beautiful Sunset with Temple’s Silhouette

In late afternoon, you can see perfect phenomena in the temple area, that’s combination among of a beautiful sunset, silhouette of temple, and vast ocean landscape.

The combination is the most wanted by photographer to get some iconic view of its backgrounds. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget to bring a camera so that capture all its beauty.

Tanah Lot Temple Opening Hours

Tanah Lot Temple Opening Hours

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Perhaps you are looking for information about Tanah Lot Temple opening hours and best time to visit. Let’s find out it more detail below.

Tanah Lot Temple is officially opened start from 07.00 – 17.00 every day and maybe only closed on Nyepi Day or others holy days of Hindu.

Best Time to Visit Tanah Lot

Fabulous Sunset in Tanah Lot Temple
Fabulous Sunset in Tanah Lot Temple

Best Time to visit Tanah Lot is at 17.00 as late afternoon. The temple area will offer the most wanted moment namely: sunset scenery.

The sunset scenery looks so fabulous and beautiful on the west, and you can witness while walking along sand way of coast leisurely.

Its sand is black and felt soft when touch tour feet.

Moreover, you will get opportunity to see impressive combination view there, that’s between reddish sunset and silhouette of temple.

Many people wait for it so that can capture its beauty in photos or video records.

Meanwhile, you surely know beauty of sunset will appear if it’s rainy or cloudy that generally falls between October to March.

Latest Tanah Lot Temple Entrance Fee

Latest Tanah Lot Temple Entrance Fee

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Perhaps you are looking for information about Tanah Lot Temple Entrance Fee. All detail can be seen in the following.

Entrance Fee in Tanah Lot


Ticket Price


IDR 60.000/person


IDR 30.000/person

Parking Fee in Tanah Lot


Ticket Price

Motorbike Parking Fee

IDR 2.000/motorbike

Car Parking Fee

IDR 5.000/car

Bus Parking Fee

IDR 10.000/bus

Note: All prices above are updated in 2019 and may change anytime.

Tanah Lot Temple Bali Dress Code

Balinese People are holding a ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple
Balinese People are holding a ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is holy and respected place by Hindus. Maybe you wonder about What to Wear To Tanah Lot.

In fact, there is no a dress code requires in case you only want to visit Tanah Lot without entering the temple.

Perhaps you want to get into temple area, you should apply dress code as follow;


For women will be required to wear a sarong, kebaya, and a shawl. The following are each explanation of them.

  • Sarong, a traditional cloth that wrap from waist to ankle).
  • Kebaya, traditional blouse-dress.
  • Shawl, to tie on your waist precisely outside sarong.

Meanwhile, please note; the women are in menstruation period shouldn’t enter the temple area.

Local peoples believe that blood menstruation is considered dirty and may make the temple lose its sanctity.


For mean will be required to wear an udeng, a sarong, a casual t-shirt, and a shawl as explained below!

  • Udeng

Balinese traditional headdress that means as a symbol of the binding of bad lust.

  • Sarong

As for women, sarong is a cloth that wraps your waist to ankle. However, there is a few folds in the front for men.

  • Shawl

An item functions to tie around your waits outside sarong.

All dress code above are not only applied when visiting Tanah Lot Temple but others temple in Bali Island.

Pujawali Ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple Bali

Pujawali Ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple Bali

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As others temple, Tanah Lot also has own anniversary day or Pujawali day or that usually held every 6 months (210 approximately according to Balinese calender).

The Pujawali day at the temple fall on Buda Wage (Wednesday), Wuku Langkir precisely that’s about 2 weeks after Galungan Day.

During the time, Local people will be held Dewa Yadnya Ceremony, that’s a sacred sacrifice that is done sincerely to God (Ida Sang Hyang Widhi).

Pujawali Ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple
Pujawali Ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple

The ceremony will be accompanied by some scared dances and rituals, which is led by a priest.

Meanwhile, whole of temple building will be decorated by traditional religious attribute such as clothes, flags, ornaments hangers, and so on.

Most of the attribute are dominated in white and yellow colors.

In according local people, the yellow is meant as a symbol of the saintliness and white as symbol of the wisdom.

Many Hindus people around the island will visit and bring preparation of worshiping during the time.

Most of them prefer to visit at 04.00 to 06.00 in the morning because sea water is in low tide so that ease in reaching the temple on coral rocks.

Meanwhile, the foreign tourists may visit to see the process of the ceremony. But, they will be required to obey etiquette and dress code Tanah Lot during visiting.

Souvenir Shops at Tanah Lot Bali

Souvenir Shops at Tanah Lot Bali

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When getting out the vehicle, you will see souvenir shops which spread near parking area in tourist object of Tanah Lot.

That’s another attraction in tourist object. The visitor can seek and go shopping around the shop before or after visiting the temple.

The shops sell some kind of Balinese typical clothing such as: casual t-shirts with the words “I love Bali”, images “Barong”, or beach motifs.

Souvenir Shops around Tanah Lot
Souvenir Shops around Tanah Lot

Some kind of unique items such as: bags, bracelets, necklaces, small statues, paintings, and key chains are sold here.

All items above are authentically made by local craftsman around areas in the island, hence the items are also reasonable as for gifts or souvenirs.

As at Sukawati art market, you can also bid price of items here. So, each price of item will depend on your skill of bargaining.

If you take a guide when visiting, then you can ask for help to them to bid the prices. So, you shouldn’t leave Tanah Lot before buying the souvenirs.