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Prohibitions, Dress Codes, and Etiquettes when visiting Tanah Lot Temple Bali

Tanah Lot Temple is a holy place for the Hindus people in Bali. Hence, the visitors are required to know prohibitions, etiquette, and dress code before visiting the temple.

There are some important things that you should remember during visiting as:

1. Wear Proper Dress Code

a woman with Balinese traditional cloths - Photo by @another_bali_love_story

When entering the temple area around Bali, you must wear a set of proper Bali dress codes that can be divided into 2 kinds such as:

  • Women

Dress code for women consists of Sarong (Balinese Cloth), and a shawl.

  • Man

Dress code for men consists of Udeng (traditional headwear), sarong, and also shawl.

2. Cover Your Upper Body

Balinese Women bring traditional offering to Tanah Lot - Photo by @andreemiraja

Make sure you wear clothing that may cover to upper body as shoulder part.

Because, wearing of clothing which can covers to upper is considered decent by local people particularly when entering the temple area.

3. Avoid entering in these periods

Balinese People are holding a ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple

Especially for women, avoid entering the temple area during pregnant and menstruation periods.

According to local, the periods are considered “Cuntaka”, a dirty period of physical or spiritual by a person due to an unexpected event such as: the death of a family member, child birth, menstruation, and so on.

4. Avoid Saying Rude

a visitor who wear Balinese Dress Code to Tanah Lot - Photo By @willygomez48

During visiting, you should also take care of your words by not saying rude. Because, saying rude may offend trigger a bad emotions others.

This condition may disturb people who want to worship. So, you should consider your rude words although it’s just a joke.

5. Take Photos in Respectful Distance

Pujawali Ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple

Perhaps you want to take photos during process of ceremonies in Tanah Lot Temple.

Do it in a respectful as you can use a zoom feature in camera in order not to disturb the ceremony.

6. Avoid littering

Fabulous Sunset in Tanah Lot Temple

When visiting Tanah Lot, you maybe bring a snacks or drinks. Avoid throwing its wrappers carelessly in order not to make area become dirty.

For a while, you may save or throws in some trash cans that have been provided at few parts around Tanah Lot.

Well, all above sounds important things you should know before visiting Tanah Lot.

Although some of them sound absurd but as a visitor should surely respect for prohibition and cultures of local people.

Thanks for visiting!