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Can You Go Inside Tanah Lot Temple? Find out It Here

Tanah Lot is not only famous for its sunset viewing point but also a temple building on rock formation in coastal.

The temple is so unique particularly when high tide, it looks like a small island in the middle of the sea so that the prayers can’t enter into the area, and must wait for low tide to get into the temple.

Perhaps you get question “Can the visitors go inside Tanah Lot Temple?” Only the Hindus peoples (the prayers) are allowed to enter into the temple area.

Translate ke Bahasa Indonesia: Bolehkah Wisatawan Memasuki Area Pura Tanah Lot? Simak Disini!

For others visitors are just allowed to explore around yard of the temple. When exploring it, there is etiquette to know as follows.

  1. Wearing Balinese Dress Code

Although you only get around the yard of the temple, you are required to wear a Balinese dress code. The dress code generally consists of a sarong and a shawl.

The sarong is a traditional cloth that wraps around waist to ankle, the waist will tie at waist (outside the sarong).

  1. Avoid Saying Rude

    Holy Tanah Lot Temple

The temple is considered a holy area for local people. Hence, you should avoid saying rude when visiting.

Because, it will triggers a bad emotion to others particularly the prayers.

  1. Avoid Disturbing Ceremonies

    Balinese Hindus Hold a Spiritual Ceremony at Tanah Lot temple

Local people often hold spiritual ceremonies in the temple on holy days. If you happen to come at the time, avoid disturbing ceremonies as an example is taking a walk in the middle of the prayers.

Perhaps you want to take a photo during the ceremony, do it in respectful distance by using a zoom feature of camera.

So, make sure you always remember all of etiquette above when exploring the temple.