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What to Wear When Visiting Tanah Lot Temple (Bali)

Tanah Lot Temple isn’t only popular for sunset viewing point but also as a holy place by the Hindus or local people.

For you who plan to visit Tanah Lot Temple, that’s important to know about Tanah Lot what to wear as the following dress code.

Dress Code When Entering Tanah Lot Temple

Ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple - by Balisuntours

There are 2 kind of dress code when entering the temple, such as:

  • For Women, required to wear a sarong and a shawl.
  • For Men, required to wear an udeng, a sarong, and a shawl.

Detail of each item:

  1. Udeng, a traditional headwear.
  2. Sarong (better known as “Kamen” by local), a Balinese cloth that wrap from waist to ankle.
  3. Shawl (also known as “senteng”), an item that tie around waist outside of sarong.

Important Rules to Remember

Balinese People are Holding a Ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple

Besides dress code, you should know some rules before entering the temple as below!

  1. Avoid Walking in the Front of Prayers

In the temple area, you will see some people who sit while praying. Avoid walking in the front of them because it is considered disrespectful by local people.

  1. Never Sit Higher Than The Priest

The prayer and ceremonies in the temple are usually led by a Pemangku or Pedanda (Pries). The visitor shouldn’t sit higher than the priest because it’s also considered disrespectful.

Balinese Hindus at Tanah Lot Temple Bali
  1. Avoid to Enter the Temple During Cuntaka Period

Please don’t entering the temple during Cuntaka period, means dirty period of physical and spiritual by a person due to an unexpected event such as: the death of a family member, child birth, menstruation.

  1. Take a Picture in Respect Distance

When you want to take picture during the process of ceremony in the temple, use a zoom feature of camera in order not to disturb the procession.

Well, above are all dress code to wear ad rule before entering the temple. Thanks for visiting!