3 Interesting Things in Bali Tanah Lot Sea Temple

For you plan to visit Bali Tanah Lot Sea Temple, probably wonder about what can expect at the temple. There are actually some interesting things that you can see, among others:

  1. Unique Temple Building
Unique Temple Building in Tanah Lot

First, that’s of course a temple building of Hindus. The temple building looks so unique and different from the others because it stands on a big coral rock at coast.

The temple is dedicated to Dewa Baruna, a manifestation of God as a guard of ocean according to belief of Balinese People.

When sea water recedes, access to temple building is opened and easy to pass. Hence, the visitors may have opportunity to explore around temple area during the time.

Otherwise, the temple building will be difficult to reach in high tide because it’s surrounded by sea water and looks like a small island in the middle of sea.

Moreover, there is also another temple building in Tanah Lot Area. That’s Batu Bolong Temple, stands on rock cliff that jutting into sea in the west of the temple above.

  1. Holy Cave with Sacred Snake
Holy Cave with Sacred Snake

In east of temple building (on the coral rocks), there is a holy cave that inhabited by some snakes.

The snakes have black-white stripes all over their bodies and categorized into venomous species “Bungarus Candidus" in Latin Language.

Local peoples believed that the snakes are incarnations of shawls of Dang Hyang Nirartha (the founder of temple).

The visitors are allowed to see them in the cave but must be accompanied by a snake charmer there.

Moreover, there is also natural spring water near cave, that’s called as Tirta Pabersihan by local people.

The spring is usually used as for means of worshiping and also believed that can cure a disease.

  1. Beautiful Sunset with Temple’s Silhouette
Beautiful Sunset with Temple’s Silhouette

In late afternoon, you can see perfect phenomena in the temple area, that’s combination among of a beautiful sunset, silhouette of temple, and vast ocean landscape.

The combination is the most wanted by photographer to get some iconic view of its backgrounds. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget to bring a camera so that capture all its beauty.

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