Latest Tanah Lot Temple Entrance Fee

Perhaps you are looking for information about Tanah Lot Temple Entrance Fee. All detail can be seen in the following.

Entrance Fee in Tanah Lot


Ticket Price


IDR 60.000/person


IDR 30.000/person

Parking Fee in Tanah Lot


Ticket Price

Motorbike Parking Fee

IDR 2.000/motorbike

Car Parking Fee

IDR 5.000/car

Bus Parking Fee

IDR 10.000/bus

Note: All prices above are updated in 2019 and may change anytime.

Tanah Lot Temple Bali Dress Code

Balinese People are holding a ceremony at Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is holy and respected place by Hindus. Maybe you wonder about What to Wear To Tanah Lot.

In fact, there is no a dress code requires in case you only want to visit Tanah Lot without entering the temple.

Perhaps you want to get into temple area, you should apply dress code as follow;


For women will be required to wear a sarong, kebaya, and a shawl. The following are each explanation of them.

  • Sarong, a traditional cloth that wrap from waist to ankle).
  • Kebaya, traditional blouse-dress.
  • Shawl, to tie on your waist precisely outside sarong.

Meanwhile, please note; the women are in menstruation period shouldn’t enter the temple area.

Local peoples believe that blood menstruation is considered dirty and may make the temple lose its sanctity.


For mean will be required to wear an udeng, a sarong, a casual t-shirt, and a shawl as explained below!

  • Udeng

Balinese traditional headdress that means as a symbol of the binding of bad lust.

  • Sarong

As for women, sarong is a cloth that wraps your waist to ankle. However, there is a few folds in the front for men.

  • Shawl

An item functions to tie around your waits outside sarong.

All dress code above are not only applied when visiting Tanah Lot Temple but others temple in Bali Island.

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