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4 Astonishing Facts You Should Know About Trunyan Village

Bali Island has many villages with unique cultures and traditions which may attract many peoples to make visits and find out for their uniqueness and attractiveness.

One of the most popular village in Bali is Trunyan - a hidden village with distinctive traditional culture and traditions in the northeast of Bali Island. Want to find out at a glance for Trunyan Village? Let’s find out 4 astonishing facts below.

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  1. Hidden Traditional Village

    Trunyan Village - instagram/panjie_pur

As above, Trunyan Village is located hidden on the eastern side of Batur Lake. The visitor are required to cross the Batur Lake by boarding a boat from Kedisan Dock because there is no land route for cars and motorcycles.

The boat can be hired at Kedisan Dock by cost between IDR 75.000 – 150.000 per person. Maybe you take approximately 45 minutes on the boat trip.

  1. Unique and Scary Cemetery

    Sema Wayah in Trunyan - instagram/holcovajana

One attractiveness that may make many people become interested to visit Trunyan Village is the cemetery or often called as “Sema Wayah” by the villager.

Sema Wayah offers creepier atmosphere than other cemeteries because it has many human corpsea which are only laid on the ground and can be seen directly by visitor.

  1. Not Buried or Cremated, But Only Laid On the ground

    Corpses in Trunyan Cemetry - instagram/purba_baliholiday

Cremation process in Bali is called as “Ngaben Ceremony”, which it is always held in almost villages in Bali, except Trunyan Village.

In the cemetery of Trunyan Village, the corpses aren’t buried and cremated but only caged in woven bamboo container (like an open chest) and laid on the ground.

The corpses will dry up naturally only bones in a few months. And the last, the bones will be moved to the side of the gate.

  1. Corpses Never Leave A Foul Odor

    Taru Menyan Tree - instagram/alexfromasia

Although the corpses aren’t buried and cremated but they never leave a foul odor. The village believe that a foul odor of the corpses is neutralized by existence of the sacred old tree, Taru Menyan.

Many visitors say they didn’t smell a foul odor the corpses even though they are close to the corpses.

Well, above are 4 astonishing facts about Trunyan Village. So, are you interested to visit it?