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Bali Kintamani Coffee Taste: What Need to Know

When visiting Bali, you shouldn’t forget to try Kintamani coffee. It’s one type of Arabica coffee with a distinctive taste and very popular with coffee lover.

There are many plantation in Kintamani where you can taste the coffee and learn about it. Or, if you want to taste a cup of coffee while witnessing impressive view of Batur volcano, you can visit one of coffee shop around Penelokan.

Bali Kintamani Coffee Taste

Bali Coffee Plantation
Bali Coffee Plantation

Characteristic of Kintamani coffee (commonly known Kopi Bali) is its distinctive taste like a citrus. It’s because local peoples has a habit of growing coffee plant near sweat orange plantation.

Besides that, in some plantations, you can also see the process of making Luwak coffee. It’s an expensive coffee drink where it is made from coffee beans which have pass through the digestion of the Civet.

Coffee Brewing Process

KIntamani Coffee Brew
KIntamani Coffee Brew

For Kintamani coffee, it’s recommended to be processed of manual brews, like V60 method. Because, the V60 method may offers the whole taste of coffee.

Kintamani coffee beans can be seen nowadays at online shops. Price of product ranges from IDR 50.000 – IDR 250.000 (depends on pack size).

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