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4 Interesting Facts about Bali Ogoh-Ogoh Attraction

For those of you who have visited Bali, perhaps you have ever hear about ogoh-ogoh attraction - a giant puppet which has a big body and scary face.

Ogoh–ogoh is usually made every village in Bali exactly some days before Nyepi Day (day of the silence). It always becomes the most awaited thing by many tourist in Bali.

Maybe you still get curious about Ogoh-Ogoh Bali, let’s find out 4 interesting facts of it below.

4 Interesting Facts about Ogoh-Ogoh Bali

Balinese Temple
  1. Symbolize of Butha Kala

    Balinese Mythological Creatures

Ogoh Ogoh Bali generally has form of scary mythological creatures, mostly: demons (called Bhuta Kala by Balinese People). But, in some places, there are also some Ogoh-Ogoh with form of Hindus Gods like Ganesha and Siwa.

Height of Ogoh-Ogoh is approximately 2 – 3 meters, some are higher depend amount of characters on a wooden plank box.

  1. Complicated Making Process of Ogoh Ogoh Bali

    Ogoh Ogoh Bali

Process of making an ogoh-ogoh is quite complicated and spend about 2-3 weeks. Ogoh-ogoh is made materials of a wooden support pole and woven bamboo which are formed like a skeleton of mythological creatures.

Then, it’s wrapped by old newspapers and starch glue. The last is a painting process as a finish touch.

  1. Creation of The Youth Organizations in Every Village

    Bali Ogoh Ogoh Festival

Almost all villages in Bali holds ogoh-ogoh festival, usually presented by STT (the youth organization in every village). In the words, the ogoh-ogoh festival is creation of the youth.

Some villages also holds contest of ogoh-ogoh to raise the spirit of the youth in maintaining Balinese traditions.

  1. Held One Day Before Nyepi Day

    Nyepi Day in Bali

Ogoh-ogoh festival is normally held every year, exactly on Pengerupakan Day (one day before Nyepi Day). Every village will start the parade in the dusk, about 06.00 pm (called Sandikala). The youth will parade ogoh-ogoh around the village.

Before the parade, every ogoh-ogoh is required to go through a ritual with some traditional offerings.