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4 Interesting Facts About Balinese Cockfight Ritual

When hearing the word “cockfight”, what comes to your mind? A Gamble? For Balinese People, the cockfight doesn’t only mean a gamble but a ritual considered as a mandatory means to complete the religious ceremonial procession, which it is called as “Tabuh Rah”.

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Are you curious to know more detail for Balinese Cockfight Ritual? Let’s find out 4 interesting facts about it below.

  1. Not A Gamble, But A Religious Ritual

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The cockfight in Bali can be divided into 2 kinds, namely: Tabuh Rah and Tajen. Both of these terms often make us confused about the difference between them.

The difference between of both are a bet. Tabuh Rah is a religious ritual and not accompanied by a bet while Tajen there is a bet by the participants.

  1. Sincerely Holy Sacrifice For Bhuta Kala

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Tabuh Rah is one of parts of Yadnya – a sincerely holy sacrifice in Balinese religious teaching, which it is devoted to Bhuta Kala with the aim of neutralizing between negative and positive energies of nature.

The ritual will be completed with some offerings and holy mantras to ask Ida Sang Hyang Widhi so that the cocks will get a better life in the next reincarnation.

  1. Usually Held on Hindus Holy Days

    Balinese People Held Tabuh Rah - Pinterest/@Bisma Eight Ubud

Tabuh Rah is usually held at area near the temple when holy religious days, particularly when Piodalan or Pujawali – anniversary of temple which usually is held every 6 months (210 days) in Caka Calendar.

Besides in the temple, Tabuh Rah is occasionally also held in the house area when Piodalan at Merajan (Holy place which is located in the northeast of Balinese House).

  1. Only 3 Fights

    Cock For Tabuh Rah Ritual - Pinterest @Tonys Villas and Resort Seminyak Bali

Tabuh Rah is held only 3 fights (Called 3 sehet by Balinese People) and done by obeying customary rules. More than that is considered as a gamble.

So, for those of you who want to watch this ritual, you can visit one of temple in Bali by wearing traditional clothes during Piodalan Days.