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Know The Existence of Holy Cave Snake at Tanah Lot Temple

Attraction of Tanah Lot is not only a stunning sunset but also existence of snakes in the temple which are considered holy by local people.

The snakes are the most wanted thing by the tourist when visiting the temple because they can see and make an interaction with the holy snakes directly.

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History of the Holy Snakes

Holy Cave with Sacred Snake

Existence of the holy snakes was related to the History of Tanah Lot Temple as arrival Dang Hyang Nirartha to Bali in 15th Century.

Dang Hyang Nirartha was a holy priest who came from Java Island to spread the teaching of the Hinduism to Bali Island.

The Gate of Main Temple in Tanah Lot

When wandering in the island, he saw and stopped at big rock formation in coastal of Beraban Village to do meditating and built a temple.

Then, he transformed his shawl that black and white become snakes as a temple guard until now.

Inhabit in the Cave of the Temple

The Cave at Tanah Lot Temple

As the priest’s shawl, the snakes are also black and white, and inhabit in the cave on the side of rock formation where the temple was built.

They are categorized into “Bungarus Candidus”, a venomous snake species which is more poisonous than cobra.

Even though, it sounds dangerous but the visitor can touch or take photos with the snake because there is a snake charmer who guards there.