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The Hanuman Jumps on Fire Coals - Tanah Lot Kecak Dance

Besides Uluwatu Temple, Kecak Fire Dance is also watched in Tanah Lot.  This dance is one thing that you shouldn’t miss when visiting the island. Hence, don’t forget to enter it into your itinerary list.

The Kecak Fire Dance was traditional art that created by Wayan Limbak and popularized Walter Spies (a painter from Germany) in 1930. The only dance which without instruments, just accompanied by rhythm voices “Cak…, Cak…., Cak...” of the male dancers.

It narrates Ramayana Story, especially in a part when Rama (a prince of Ayodhya Kingdom) tried to salvage Sita (his wife) who is kidnapped by Rahwana (an Evil King of Alengka Kingdom).

Figure of Sita in Kecak Fire Dance Bali

It usually staged by a group (about 50 dancers), which dances are divided into some characters namely Rama, Sita, Rahwana, Laksamana (Rama’s younger brother), Jatayu (Rama’s friend), and Hanuman (a commander of the monkey trooper).

Others dancers will wear traditional fabrics in unique color combination (red, black, and white), sit in a circle, and raise hand while shouting “Cak..Cak…Cak”.

Schedule of Kecak Dance in Tanah Lot

Sunset Time in Tanah Lot

Kecak Dance Performance in Tanah Lot is staged every evening, exactly at 18.30 pm. You can take a walk along coast while seeing the beauty of the temple before watching the dance.

If you happen to visit Tanah Lot Temple when low tide, then you will get an opportunity to see close to the temple from yard of the temple.

Need to note that only the prayers who are allowed to enter into the main area of the temple because it is considered “holy and sacred place”. The tourists are just allowed to get the yard of the temple.

Kecak Dance Ticket Price

Kecak Dance in Tanah Lot

Every visitor who wants to watch the Kecak Dance Performance will be required to pay a ticket at IDR 75.000. It’s affordable because you will see spectacular shows particularly when the figure of Hanuman (the White Monkey) jumps on fire coals.

The Figure of Hanuman in Kecak Dance

For entrance and parking fee of Tanah Lot Temple, you can check below for more detail.

Entrance Fee


IDR 60.000


IDR 30.000

Parking Fee


IDR 2.000


IDR 5.000


IDR 10.000

Note: the price list above is the latest and may be changed anytime.