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Low Tide Time in Tanah Lot That You Must Know

Low tide time is not certain in Tanah Lot Beach. Many people really hope to see low tide phenomenon when visiting the beach.

By the day, the phenomenon usually appears in early morning and late afternoon. You can choose to visit one of the times.

However, it will be the best if you visit in the late afternoon in order to get more stunning sunrise view.

What Things to Do When Low Tide

Sunset in Tanah Lot Temple Bali

Visiting Tanah Lot on low tide time is luck by many peoples because there are some fun and amazing things to do, as follows.

  1. Exploring around Temple Area

    Sunset Moment on Tanah Lot Sea

On the low tide time, access to temple on sea rock formations is opened. The visitors can explore and get around the temple and see it from every side.

But, need to note that only the prayers who are allowed to enter into the temple. You may just explore around its yard.

  1. Taking More Amazing Shot

    Perfect Sunset on Tanah Lot Temple

Besides above, you can also taking more amazing shot during the low tide. Combine sunset scenery, ocean view, and also silhouette for getting perfect photos.

Make sure your camera is in big space and full battery so that you can capture more moments and create a lot of unforgettable memories.

Have a nice visit!