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Perfect Sunset with Silhouette of Temple on Tanah Lot Sea

Not only as a holy place by the Hindus, Tanah Lot Sea Temple is also well-known for one of the best sunset viewing points in Bali Island.

The temple is recommended to visit for those of you who want to get amazing view during holiday. Perhaps you haven’t known about the sunset at Tanah Lot, let’s find out it for more detail below.

Perfect Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple

Sunset Moment on Tanah Lot Sea

The sunset view at Tanah Lot is more unique than others because it has a perfect combination between an ocean and a silhouette of the temple.

The combination is always waited by many visitors to get impressive shots. Make sure you remember to bring a camera when visiting there to able to all sunset moments.

Take a Walk along the Coast

Perfect Sunset on Tanah Lot Temple

Besides that, you can also do another fun thing around the temple as taking a walk along the coast.

Generally, the late afternoon will provide low tide in the beach. It will ease in exploration around the temple area while taking photos.

The sands in the coastal are black and felt soft although you take a walk without shoes or foot wear.

Best Time to Visit

Temples Silhouette in Tanah Lot

For more amazing sunset, you can visit the temple starting from 17.00 to 19.00. Need to note that the sunrise time at Tanah Lot in uncertain and may change on any times.

Hence, you should come earlier in order not to lose of sunset moment. And avoid visiting on rainy day because sunset will not appear on the time.