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Tipping Driver Bali: Etiquette and How Much to Give A Tip

For those of you who search for guide of tipping driver Bali, here we give you complete information about it. Tipping isn’t considered an obligation but it’s valuable as a form of gratitude.

In Bali, there are many local drivers with warm smile and great hospitality. As a client, you surely want to appreciate for their good service, right?

How Much Should You Tip Driver in Bali?

Tipping Private Driver Bali

This question is really confusing. In fact, there is no an exact amount for tipping driver Bali. You may give in amount as you want. However, here we tell you about tipping in general.

There are 2 type of drivers you probably see in Bali namely: taxi driver and tour driver.

Taxi driver usually serves a trip of one way (getting one destination) such as: an airport, a hotel, a restaurant, or a tourist spot. Normally, tip for the taxi driver ranges from 10 – 15% of total cost.

Meanwhile, tour driver usually serves a trip for a half or full day tour (getting more than one destination) such as Tanah Lot or Lempuyang Tour. The tip generally ranges from IDR 50.000 (it can be more depends good driving way).

Etiquette When Tipping Driver Bali

Tip Taxi Driver Bali

Before that, you must know etiquette how to give a tip for driver. Let’s find out it below.

  1. Prepare The Exact Amount of Money

    How Much Tip Driver Bali

As tip for other services, it’s important to have an exact amount of money for the driver tip. Hence, you should always prepare some small fractions of money before the trip.

In Balinese culture, it’s unethical to give a tip with a big amount of money but you must ask some change after it. So, change big money to some smaller fractions.

  1. Give Tip After The Trip

    How Much Should You Tip Driver in Bali

You can give tip when you part with driver after the trip is finished. During the trip, you can rate how service of the driver whether it’s good or inconsiderate.

However, sometimes your trip probably get stuck in traffic jam. It isn’t certainly a mistake of the driver. You should still tip if the driver provide a good service to you.

Okay, above is a guide of tipping driver in Bali. Hope it’s useful!